Facilimate® Hotels stands apart from our competitors as we have experience as an owner and an operator.

As owners, we understand the importance of delivering return on investment, asset management and property reputation, whilst as Operators we are focused on guest satisfaction, staff development and training, quality and brand management.

Our unique position allows us to fully appreciate the need for bespoke and tailor-made solutions adapted to the location, market and needs of each potential client.

Our properties are governed by our 4 key principles catering for our guests and our owners in equal parts.

For our guests;

We Provide Memorable Guest experience

A Facilimate® Hotels managed property is instantly recognisable by our commitment to engaging with our guests at every opportunity. Every member of the Facilimate® Hotels team are focused on ensuring that our guests have a memorable stay and we take the time to engage with them so we can better anticipate their needs. Our guests are our focus. And why should it be anything else?

We Guarantee Our Cleanliness

We recognise that hotel cleanliness is one of the most important factors in gaining customer loyalty. Satisfied customers keep people coming back because of their previous experiences and they know what to expect whenever they stay in a Facilimate® Hotels managed hotel. When matched with our systems and benchmarking, our emphasis on providing a clean and comfortable environment for our guests ensures that Facilimate® Hotels is able to consistently deliver cleanliness of the highest standards and that our guests love.

For our owners;

We Offer Progressive Yield Management

By implementing an inventory-centric approach to selling the right room to the right customer at the right price, Facilimate® Hotels uses best business practices designed to optimise the revenue potential in all market conditions. Our maintenance and analysis of historical data allows for the application of market-leading Forecasting practices which allow Facilimate® Hotels to quickly and accurately predict market changes and adjust our rate strategy to deliver the highest possible yield.

We Deliver Exceptional Expense Management

The Facilimate® Hotels team have long been recognised as market leaders in the field of expense management. Through the application of our proven labour and cost management systems we are able to report and analyse expenses at a per room level, which enables us to make the right decisions on the management of our resources. In addition, a Facilimate® Hotels managed property enjoys access to our national network of preferred suppliers which provides substantial cost savings for everyday purchases.

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