Innovators in Australian Hospitality for over 25 years.

Facilimate Hotels is an Investor and Manager of Hospitality Assets throughout Australia. Using our fund management model as an owner/operator, Facilimate Hotels are able to add significant value to each hotel as well as providing exceptional returns to our investors.

Our diverse portfolio operates nationally and incorporates management agreements, partnerships, syndications and outright ownership models. We are currently seeking new opportunities as part of our growth strategy.

Ascot Capital Limited provides services to wholesale clients and sophisticated investors in ownership of syndicated hotel investments through Facilimate Hotels via its Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 345050 – 28th April 2010).

Specialising in the Australian market, the Facilimate Hotels team has over 25 years’ industry experience with a proven track record of improving profitability through our progressive operational and management strategies, whilst ensuring correct tax structuring and debt management on each transaction.

Facilimate Hotels was formed with the key principle of looking after our investors and hotel guests. In fact, the word mate means friend and in Australia we always look after our mates.  It is this principle which can be found throughout our entire organisation whether they are an investor, partner or hotel guest.

Through the leadership of industry innovator Stephen Lauder, Facilimate Hotels is becoming the leading growth owner/operator of hotels around Australia.

Our properties are governed by our core principles;

  • Providing Memorable Guest Experiences
  • The Cleanliness Guarantee
  • Progressive Yield Management
  • Total Expense Management

We deliver our performance outcomes through;

  • Business Planning and Financial Forecasting
  • Brand Development and Strategic Marketing
  • Centralised Yield Management and Financial Services
  • Training and Development of our TeamMates

Contact Facilimate® today if you would like to discuss opportunities for your property.